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About Our Trips

True Nature Journeys are for the traveler who seeks authentic experience. Our trips are small, with, on most trips, a maximum of twelve participants and two facilitators, so that we can move  through our destinations with flexibility and ease. Small groups allow a sense of family to develop, and lifelong friendships are often made.

True Nature Journeys are for the traveler who would rather take the local bus than a tourist bus, who would rather stay in small, locally owned lodging than the downtown fancy hotel. Our trips are down-to-earth and usually off the beaten track. We make efforts to set up opportunities to meet and get to know the local people, and some trips include a service project of some sort. Lodging is in mid-range accommodations that are basic and clean, and usually with a good dose of character.

Sustainable travel recognizes the important role that tourism plays in most modern-day economies, while emphasizing the positive potential of cultural exchange rather than voyeuristic, corporate driven tourism. We support the local economies by staying in locally owned lodging, using local guides for different portions of each trip, and supporting local nonprofits that preserve the traditions and lands that are essential for cultures to remain intact. A portion of all proceeds from TNJ trips goes to support nonprofits in each of the countries that we visit.

The physical requirements of our trips varies widely, from short walks to five days of trekking at high altitude. Please read the information for the trip you are interested in carefully, so you can be sure it is a good fit.