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Director and Guide

Laura Tyson has been leading wilderness groups, international trips, and personal retreats for over 25 years. She has led an adventurous life since her self-initiated and planned ‘bike hike’ at 5 years old, travelling in 35 countries in Asia, North Africa, South America, Central America, Europe, and the south Pacific. Her wildest adventure was a solo bike trip across Tibet in 1985. She is the founder of The Women’s Wilderness Institute, where she served as Executive Director for eleven years. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology, and has held roles of psychotherapist, wilderness guide, poet, writer, and nonprofit consultant. Currently, in addition to leading trips for True Nature Journeys, she is building a solar house in Colorado, directing and leading CenterPoint Retreats, an outdoor recovery program for women veterans. Her international guiding work combines her passions for helping people create vibrant lives, empowering women and men to move beyond their self-perceptions, and exploring the landscapes and cultures of our beautiful planet.


Co-Guides and Facilitators

Susie Harrington has been practicing Buddhist meditation for more than 20 years, focusing on Insight Meditation since 1995. Susie began teaching the Dharma in 2005 under the direction of her teachers Guy Armstrong, Jack Kornfield, and Tory Capron. She has also been influenced by Eric Kolvig, Adyashanti and a number of Tibetan teachers. Believing nature to be  a natural gateway to our true selves, Susie frequently offers retreats in the natural world. Her teaching is deeply grounded in the body, emphasizing embodiment of our practice in speech and daily life. She is a graduate of Hakomi Therapy (a somatic psychotherapy modality) She has been an outdoor professional for over 30 years, including years as a river guide, mountaineering guide, and backcountry ranger. She teaches residential and wilderness retreats throughout the Four Corners area and in California. See more about Susie and her work at .


Andre Mallinger  has been a musician for over 35 years, beginning as a young student of classical piano and orchestral percussion.  Her formal studies in music eventually led her to pursue a master’s degree in cultural anthropology, combining her love of world music and cultural studies.  For 20 years Andre has studied, taught and performed music from southern Africa, playing marimba, hand drums, drum kit, mbira and percussion with numerous Zimbabwean-style marimba ensembles.  She has taught music at community colleges, public schools, music institutes, Naropa University and, in 2010, she served as musician-in-residence at the Gilpin County Library.  She currently has a private teaching studio of young aspiring pianists, directs an Afro-pop ensemble, Nokuthula, and is the principal accompanist of the Peak to Peak Chorale.  In addition to her active musical career, Andre is also an avid outdoor adventurer and traveler.   In 2008 she spent nine months in Southeast Asia, India, and Central America, traveling and teaching English. She has floated the Mekong River, lived in an ashram, and visited with Burmese refugees.  Her greatest adventure thus far has been a 3-month sea kayak trip with her husband, John, paddling 650 miles of the Baja coast.


Author Page Lambert loves to help women creatively reconnect. Her motto, Life is an adventure! Write it! Live it! Love it! describes her passion and her life.  Al Gore’s editor called Page “a horse whisperer for writers.”  O Magazine featured her River Writing Journeys as one of the “top six, all-girl getaways of the year!”  A Room of Her Own Foundation awarded her the 2013 Wise Woman Fellowship.  Her blog All Things Literary. All Things Natural received the 2013 “Best Blog of the Year Award” from the Colorado Authors’ League.  Also in 2013, the West Chamber of Commerce selected her as one of the “Twelve extraordinary women of Jefferson County.” Recipient of numerous awards, Lambert’s books and writing appear in dozens of collections.  For 18 years, she has partnered with professional organizations such as True Nature Journeys, Grand Canyon Field Institute, the Aspen Writers’ Foundation, and Sheri Griffith Expeditions, to help women connect more creatively with the natural world. A keynote speaker, she has presented at over 250 gatherings, serves as an advisor to national organizations and nonprofits such as the Rocky Mountain Land Library, Children & Nature Network, Writing for Peace, Vore Buffalo Jump Foundation, and Women Writing the West. She also donates services locally—co-leading a two-year volunteer effort to build a community horse barn using fire-mitigation timber, and serving as Creative Consultant for the Clear Creek Land Conservancy, helping to foster a deeper appreciation for Colorado’s open spaces.

Learn more about Page at, including a link to her blog All Things Natural. All Things Literary.

Karen Immerso PhotoKaren Immerso
has led outdoor, international and experiential groups for 30 years, including programs for universities, Colorado Outward Bound, The Women’s Wilderness Institute, and a variety of other programs. She holds a BA in Music Education and a Master’s Degree in Education, and is classically trained as a pianist and vocalist. She currently plays in a marimba band, and teaches dance and Spanish classes in her community of Gunnison, Colorado. Karen is an artist, a ceramicist and a gardener, loves working with people, and shares her passion for new people and cultures from a perspective of experiential learning. She has a deep love of the Spanish language and Latin cultures, and has travelled extensively in Central and South America, Haiti, Europe, and Africa.


Brenda Porter holds a degree in Biology Education and an MA in Nonprofit Management, and has been guiding outdoor and international trips since 1994. Her love of world travel and cultures began with a high school cultural exchange in India. She has lived in a rural village in Honduras, worked in women’s community development as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and trekked throughout Central America, to Machu Picchu, and to the top of Kilimanjaro. She is an avid backpacker, yoga instructor, watercolor artist, gardener, and naturalist.