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“Laura, you did such a flawless job of putting this trip together logistically — it made it all the more wonderful and I deeply admire your abilities to do that and, in real time, when changes needed to occur, you seemed to flow with them seamlessly.  Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work and loving presence through the whole experience.  Could not have been better, truly.”

–       Nancy N., Sacred Bhutan, November 2013

“I want to thank you once again for all your efforts, including holding the space for this truly wonderful trip in Bhutan. It was all so well planned and I loved the “open to change” approach that allowed for adjustments as needed. I really hope we can do another trip with you one of these days… can’t say enough about you! Especially your kind, thoughtful and flexible attitude and wonderful demeanor. Thank you!”

-Cyndia M., Sacred Bhutan, November 2013

“This trip went way beyond what I could have imagined. Every aspect of the itinerary was so well planned- I felt safe and nurtured and met such wonderful women. The lodging was wonderful- clean, comfortable, and well staffed. And the food was amazing! Laura, you have done an amazing job, and I would certainly travel with you again.”

-Constance R., Peru, April 2013

“The flow was well thought out and easy-paced. Each day new information and experiences were introduced, building carefully to allow total immersion. We were offered as much structure as we wanted, and also allowed and encouraged to explore on our own. Laura leads with her heart! I appreciate your kindness, sensitivity, and knowledge.”

-Shari, Peru, April 2013

“This trip was a gift to myself that I needed. I found heart in each experience because the trip was alive, constantly offering food for the soul, satisfaction for the brain, and warmth to the heart. I felt included, affirmed, and encouraged by Laura’s spirit. Her tenderness towards me and others was truly compassionate, without being a hoverer. Thank you!”

– Cathy S., Weaving Words and Women, Peru 2012


“Page and Laura were both amazing and inspirational leaders, in very different ways, and I learned a lot just having the opportunity to observe and interact with both of them. They worked well as a team and brought the same joyful and curious energy to the trip that helped everyone really experience an amazing and transformational adventure. For me, this trip was a chance to be exposed to a new culture and experiencing it without worrying about logistics and safety.  By having all the details handled by Laura, I was able to fully immerse myself in the experience and not be distracted by daily details. Plus, the food was excellent!”

– Jan Adam, Weaving Words and Women, Peru 2012


“The trip was fabulous. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of organization, the quality of accomodations, the transportation and the meals. Having the meditation practice integration was the stunning capstone of the whole trip.  It held it together as a theme for the trip in a way which was quite wonderful. You both did a fantastic job in planning and implementing a wonderful experience, and Laura, you are a logistical master!

  – T. Morse, Sacred Valley, Peru 2012


“Thanks to Laura for being so organized, patient, and knowledgeable about what we were doing and where we were going.  It makes it so much easier to focus on your own experience when the details are taken care of.  Thank you for your gentle way and your kind words.”

-Jayme E., Sacred Valley, Peru 2012


“Somewhere between the laughter and the tears, the delicious food, the challenge of high-altitude hiking and a cake baked at 14K feet, the smiling Peruvians and ages old wisdom, the longstanding Inca ruins and warm running water, I found a long lost piece of myself. I was surprised to find that everywhere I went on this journey, no matter how much I thought perhaps I needed to be somewhere else, was just the right spot for me to be.

Thanks to Laura and Katie for their sweet and loving holding and the heartfelt intentions of eight women on a journey of vision and renewal in one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring places in the world. The entire experience was more wonderful and meaningful than I could have ever imagined.”

~ Angela Bowman, Peru 2009