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Peru: Weaving Words and Women

with Page Lambert and Brenda Porter

April 21 – May 2, 2018

A cultural immersion into Peru ~ the ancient, the sacred, the everyday world of women.


Join author and writing teacher Page Lambert on this 12-day cultural immersion, exploring the lives and weavings of the Quechua women of the high Andes. This trip is a rare opportunity to travel with other women with an eye for story and an appreciation of the art of writing, and to plumb the depths of personal experience from which all good writing arises.


We will experience Peru through the lens of its women, and in particular, the women of the high Andes who have been crafting incredible hand-woven textiles for thousands of years. We will visit the small village of Patacancha, where women sit on the ground with their babies at their side and weave intricate, traditional designs on backstrap looms. We will visit the weaving collective of Chinchero, where grandmothers are passing on knowledge of natural, traditional dyes to the young girls. We will also weave in visits to the long-standing Incan ruins of Machu Picchu and Pisac, explore the cobblestone streets of several towns in the Sacred Valley, and take in the cathedrals and museums of Cusco, the heart of the Incan empire. Throughout our trip, Page will guide us in how to use written language to bring our experiences into vivid, full-color life. There is no need to be a practiced writer to join this trip.