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Sacred Bhutan:

Walking and Meditation in the Land of the Thunder Dragon

with Susie Harrington and Laura Tyson

February 21- March 5, 2015

                           This trip will likely repeat in Fall of 2016 or Spring of 2017. Contact us for details.


Taksang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery, where we will practice during the overnight trek.

This trip is a rare opportunity to travel behind the scenes in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, a country steeped in centuries of Buddhist life and practice, where wisdom, compassion, and mindfulness are a part of daily life and culture.

Bhutan is one of the few countries in the world that has successfully resisted the wave of globalization. The country was quite isolated from the modern world until the 1960’s, and residents enjoy a culturally intact lifestyle, complete with well-preserved festivals, traditional food and dress, and traditional architecture.

Our focus will be on the active monasteries and temples that are arise from the landscape everywhere- from cliffsides, ridgetops, and wide open spaces. Monastic life is active and strong in Bhutan, and we will practice in many of these monasteries, listen to the chanting monks, and meet with the local Rinpoches and Khenpos who guide monastic life. Some of the temples that we will visit are remote, inaccessible by road, and infrequently visited by tourists.


Monks at Tharpaling Monastery.

On most days we will walk- visiting remote temples, exploring villages, or hiking from town to town.  We will stay in comfortable and interesting Bhutanese lodges. The trip includes an overnight trek with a night of ‘luxury camping’,  many remote temples and hermitages, and stunning views of the Himalaya range.

We will support our journey and enrich our experience through meditation practice and personal reflection. On most days we will practice sitting and/or walking meditation, and throughout the trip we will process our experiences through dharma talks from Susie and group discussion. Midway through the trip, we will spend two days in deep practice- one day at Chumey Nature Resort and one day at Tharpaling Monastery, an active monastery with 100 resident monks. The trip will culminate in an overnight trek to Bumdra Monastery and the famous Taksang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery, built directly into a vertical cliff.

You do not need to be a seasoned meditation practitioner to join this trip, although some previous meditation experience in a mindful tradition will be helpful. An interest in developing a spiritual practice and an interest in Buddhist teachings are both important pre-requisites for this trip.