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Create a Custom Trip

True Nature Journeys specializes in creating customized trips for groups that already share a common interest or relationships. Tell us where you want to go, the tone, theme, or practice you want to integrate into the trip, and the style of travel that appeals to you (super-cheap, cushy, or somewhere in between), and we’ll work with you to put together a trip that fits. Per-person rates vary according to the size of your group and the length and style of the trip. You may either assemble a closed group, or have it posted on this website to open it to other people with similar interests. The possibilities are vast! For more information email Laura.

Are you a community leader, teacher, or facilitator?

Consider taking your life work on the road. Most trips pair a TNJ guide with a facilitator who can integrate the theme of the trip into the travel. Custom TNJ trips can be retreat-style, based in one location, or travel-style, moving from place to place. Facilitation, teaching or practice can be in the form of scheduled workshops through the trip, or in an informal style that comes from the shared experience of travel. Groups can be open only to established members of your community, or posted on the TNJ website and open to anyone interested in your work.  This is a wonderful opportunity to earn a livelihood through traveling! For more information, email Laura.